Welding and Spot Welding Services for Custom Fabrication

Posted on December 27th, 2016 by vapro Quality Welding

We at Guzman Manufacturing Inc. have been providing welding as one of our processes since our inception. If quality welds and true craftsmanship matter to you, you have come to the right place.


Guzman Mfg employs Heliarc, Plasma, and Mig welding capabilities. Our welding processes are calibrated and certified to NIST on an annual basis.

Spot Welding

We also have 4 spot welding machines ranging from 50 K.V.A to 15 K.V.A. Our spot welding has been tested and qualified to NIST standards.


  • 1 ESAB Heliarc Welder, 350 Amp
  • 1 Linde Heliarc Welder, 300 Amp
  • 1 Miller Heliarc Welder, 350 Amp
  • 4 Spot Welders 50 K.V.A. to 15 K.V.A.
  • 1 Miller Mig Welder, 250 Amp
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