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Posted on December 27th, 2016 by vapro
Bend Brake Machine

144″ CNC, Wysong Press Brake (140 Ton Capacity)

Bend Brake Machine

Hurco Axis Back Gauge

With over 40 years of experience and several press brake machines of various tonnage and size, we have the expertise to form and bend parts to the exacting tolerances of many high tech industries, including commercial, military and aerospace. Complicated bends and curvatures can be achieved through a variety of techniques, including bump bending.Press brakes simplify the process of bending and forming sheet metal by clamping the metal between a punch and die. When looking for a press brake, there are several factors to consider including type, weight and thickness of the material. When typical dies are unable to make the required bends, due to unwieldy part size or depth, a variety of specialized dies, such as window dies can be used to overcome a range of similar challenges.Three types of metal bending include air bending, bottoming and coining and several types of machinery have been developed to assist in the process. Here at Guzman Manufacturing our press brakes range from 48” to 144” in size and have a 15 to 140 ton capacity to make sure you have the right machine for your bending job. All of our press brakes are equipped with either a Hurco Axis or Auto Backgauge to accurately position the bend in the correct place as well as move between bends to make produce complex parts.
Bend Brake & Forming - Guzman Manufacturing, Inc.Our material thickness range for bending can vary depending on length of material to be bent.Our typical material range is below, but can sometimes accommodate thicker material if the length is minimal:
  • Cold rolled steel 24 gauge to 3/16
  • Aluminum .020 to .187
  • Stainless steel 24 gauge to 10 gauge
  • Inquire for other material such brass or copper
Bend Brake & Forming - Guzman Manufacturing, Inc.We have a total of six CNC bend brake machines:
  • 1 CNC, Wysong Press Brake, 144”, 140 Ton Capacity w/Hurco Axis Backgauge
  • 1 CNC, Wysong Press Brake, 120”, 100 Ton Capacity w/Hurco Axis Backgauge
  • 1 CNC, Wysong Press Brake, 144”, 55 Ton Capacity w/ Auto Backgauge
  • 1 CNC, Wysong Press Brake, 72”, 60 Ton Capacity w/Hurco Axis Backgauge
  • 1 CNC, Di-Acro Press Brake, 72”, 35 Ton Capacity w/Auto Backgauge
  • 1 CNC, Di-Acro Press Brake, 48”, 15 Ton Capacity
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