Metal Shearing Services for Custom Metal Components

Posted on December 27th, 2016 by vapro Shearing Services - Guzman Manufacturing, Inc.

Metal shearing is an effective way of separating metal into two parts without using any form of heat. The term “shearing” by itself refers to a precise cutting method that produces straight line cuts to separate a piece of sheet metal. The operated shear machine applies a large amount of force to cut the metal accurately and precisely. Commonly used materials for this process include stainless steel, aluminum, cold rolled steel, bronze, brass and copper.

There are many different types of shears available for sheet metal shearing, ranging from small hand-held units to large floor-mounted models. Shear machines can be operated manually or by hydraulic, pneumatic or electrical power.

Metal shearing can be used to cut materials in a wide variety of industries. Guzman uses Wysong machines, known throughout the metal fabrication industry for their strength, durability and longevity.

At Guzman Manufacturing we offer many types of CNC Wysong Shears ranging in size from 72 inches to 144 inches. We have the machine for your shearing needs.

  • 1 CNC Wysong Shear, 144” Bed, ¼” thk. Capacity
  • 1 CNC Wysong Shear, 120” Bed, 3/16 thk. Capacity
  • 1 CNC Wysong Shear 72” Bed, 14 Gauge Capacity
  • 1 Di-Acro Shear, 24”,16 Gauge Capacity
  • 1 Hydraulic Kidder Notcher , 10 Gauge Capacity
  • 1 Hydraulic Uninotch, ¼” Capacity
  • 2 Di-Acro Corner Notchers (Radiuses, Fillets, Chamfers)
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