Water Jet Cutting Services for Metal Components

Posted on December 27th, 2016 by vapro

Waterjet Cutter

A Water Jet cutter is a highly effective machine when precision and accuracy are demanded, using extremely high pressure water jets to cut a wide range of materials. Water Jet cutters are the preferred machine in industries such as aerospace because their materials are sensitive to high temperatures, the water jet cutter does not affect the chemical characteristics of these materials. With the water jet cutter, we are capable of cutting materials with the highest level of accuracy without having to use any form of heat.

At Guzman we use a 60,000 psi MultiCam V-Series WaterJet, an economical machine that allows us the capabilities of high performance and versatility. A KMT NEOLine 10-hp high pressure intensifier powers the water jet that features a work surface up to 60” x 120”. This V-Series WaterJet also has protection on the Y and Z axes to prevent build-up, and keeps a clean surface during the cutting process. The WaterJet allows us to cut materials over 5” thick.

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